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The release of the popular game Pokémon Go generated a tremendous amount of interest in gyroscope sensors. The game must have a gyroscope installed in the device so that its Augmented Reality (AR) mode can be used. The AR mode brings Pokémon Go to its ultimate performance level. Our Sensor Kinetics app quickly became the app of choice for detecting the availability of a gyroscope on Android devices.

The following news items demonstrate the increased popularity of Sensor Kinetics:

"ポケモンGOをARで遊びたい場合は、インストールしてプレイする予定のスマホがジャイロセンサーを搭載しているかをあらかじめ確認しておきましょう。 「Sensor Kinetics」というアプリを使うと簡単に確認できます。使い方は、インストールして起動するだけなので簡単です。 Sensor Kinetics - Google Play の Android アプリジャイロセンサーを搭載している場合、「ジャイロスコープ」の項目にTypeなどが表示されます。"

"If you want to play the Pokemon GO in AR, let's check to see that the smartphone scheduled to play is equipped with a gyro sensor. You can easily see that by using the app called " Sensor Kinetics ". Usage is simple, and as soon as you install Sensor Kinetics, it will display if your device is equipped with a gyro sensor"

–, August 2, 2016 (click here for article)

"So, how do you know if your phone has a gyroscope or not? One app I’ve found will answer this question conclusively. It’s called Sensor Kinetics, and it’s free from the Google Play Store. It’s a pretty simple app, showing diagnostic information about the phone’s on-board three-dimensional sensors."

–, August 2, 2016 (click here for article)

"RotoView PDF Reader utiliza el sensor de movimiento de nuestro Android para permitirnos leer documentos PDF de forma sencilla y cómoda. Ahora leer documentos PDF, como libros en nuestros Android es mucho más fácil, RotoView PDF Reader permite pasar de página o avanzar en el texto con solo inclinar suavemente el dispositivo, de manera que no se requiere ni tocar la pantalla ni sujetar con las 2 manos."

"RotoView PDF Reader uses the motion sensors on our Android device to read PDF documents easily and conveniently. Reading documents, such as PDF books is easier; The app can turn the page and move through the text just by gentle tilting of the Android device. Therefore you do not need to touch the screen or use two hands."

–, February 16, 2016 (click here for article)

"Si echamos un vistazo a las diferentes herramientas disponibles en la Play Store® para operar con PDF, comprobaremos que la registro es ciertamente extensa. La grande parte de ellas sólo permiten la lectura y entre éstas, hay varias bien evaluadas por los usuarios. Sin embargo, entre las que entregan alternativas de edición, RotoView PDF Reader sobresale sobre las demás (4.5 estrellas). No es algo casual: pudimos regalar fe de que es un software con una potente idea detrás y por eso lo hemos elegido para esta ocasión."

"If we look at the various PDF apps available on the Play Store®, we find that there is certainly a wide selection. Most of the apps only allow reading and among them, there are several apps well evaluated by the users. However, among the alternatives that allow editing, RotoView PDF Reader excels over the other apps (4.5 stars). It is not by chance: we definitely believe that RotoView PDF Reader is a software with a powerful idea behind it, and that is why we have chosen it."

–, January 26, 2016 (click here for article)

"Even without the premium upgrade, the gestures and features packed into this app are outstanding. With a bit of tinkering, users can get some great usage out of RotoView PDF Reader... The bottom line is that RotoView PDF Reader is a solid app that gives users an alternative way to view content-rich PDFs on their smartphone or tablet."

– Android Guys, January 25, 2016 (click here for article)

"It is indeed very rare that a PDF browser application employs unique features that actually exempt the user from using the screen while being busy at reading. RotoView PDF Reader for Android is worth a try for that very purpose, to actually keep you engrossed with your PDF file and let you do the necessary functions without even having to touch the phone. A perfect PDF reader with really amazing set of features!"

–, December 6, 2015 (click here for article)

"RotoView Photo Viewer is a great alternative to your basic picture gallery you have preinstalled on your phone. With all the basic options covered, and the addition of new features, you will enjoy looking at your pictures even more."

– Android Guys, November 20, 2015 (click here for article)

"Rotoview smart scroll lets you navigate your phone by tilting it"
"If sliding our fingers up and down our phones feels like an intuitive scrolling motion today, simply tilting our screens may be the obvious choice of tomorrow when it comes to moving text around a screen. Thanks to a new patent awarded to Houston-based Innoventions Inc., reading an article may soon be as easy as changing your viewing angle."

– Digital Trends, November 17, 2015 (click here for article)

"INNOVENTIONS RotoView ‘Tilt-To-Scroll’ Mobile Phone Display Technology Awarded US Patent"
"INNOVENTIONS, Inc. has been awarded US Patent 9,181,760 for its RotoView “tilt-to-scroll” technology for mobile phone displays. The new patent, titled "Motion-Based View Scrolling with Proportional and Dynamic Modes", solves the screen display's Oblique Angle Viewing Problem, associated with tilt-based scrolling."

–, November 12, 2015 (click here for article)

"RotoView Photo Viewer is Photo Scrolling Magic"
"RotoView Photo Viewer is a unique photo viewer that lets you zoom around large photos by simply tilting your phone. It essentially does away with the old-fashion touch-and-drag approach for viewing your magnified photos... Overall, we love how seamless the appearance and layout of RotoView Photo Viewer is and how it presents a unique opportunity to show off your photos to friends and clients... Overall, at only 3.2 MB and offering such a unique way to view your photos, we think that RotoView Photo Viewer is well worth a download."

–, November 6, 2015 (click here for article)

"قراءة مبتكرة للوثائق
وبإمكانك قراءة وثائق «بي دي إف» أينما كنت بطريقة مبتكرة باستخدام تطبيق «روتوفيو بي دي إف ريدر» RotoView PDF Reader المجاني على الأجهزة التي تعمل بنظام التشغيل «آندرويد»، الذي يغير من طريقة التنقل بين الصفحات أثناء القراءة؛ إذ يكفي المستخدم تقريب الصورة قليلا أثناء القراءة وتحريك الجهاز بيده في الهواء؛ ليفهم التطبيق تلك الإيماءة، ويغير الصفحة من تلقاء نفسه، وهو أمر مريح لمن يقرأ الوثائق والكتب بكثرة. ويقدم التطبيق دليلا لتعليم المستخدم الأوامر المختلفة، مثل: سرعة تغيير الصفحة، وعرض جميع ملفات الوثائق الموجودة داخل جهاز المستخدم في مكان واحد. وتقدم الشركة إصدارا مدفوعا لقاء 0.99 دولار أميركي يزيل الإعلانات من داخله، ويسمح بإضافة الملاحظات إلى الوثائق. ويمكن تحميل التطبيق من متجر «غوغل بلاي» الإلكتروني."

"Read Documents in Intuitive Way"
"You can read PDF documents creatively wherever you are using the free application RotoView PDF Reader for Android phones and tablets. It alters the way of navigation between pages while reading. The user magnify the PDF page and move the device with his hand in the air to scroll the page... This app is convenient to read documents and books in abundance. The app provides a guide to teach the user commands, such as to quickly change the page, and to display all PDF files in the user's machine in one place. The company offers a premium version for $0.99 to remove the ads and to allow adding comments."

– Khaldoun Ghassan in and in many other Arabic media outlets, May 25, 2015 (click here for article)

"RotoView PDF Reader is a novel app for navigating PDF documents with gestures. Scroll pages by tilting your device- without touching the screen.... Let’s not forget it is a PDF viewer so you can browse and open PDF documents in the normal fashion using this app. Whether tilting to scroll PDF documents or simply swiping is a desired feature you need is a personal question."

–, May 30, 2015 (click here for article)

"At its core, RotoView PDF Reader app is a PDF viewer intended to give the user a best reading experience. It is a bit difficult to read PDF docs in your phone’s small screen. The app tries to improve the user experience by providing a unique smart scroll feature... App developers have taken a simple concept and turned it into a quite useful feature."

–, May 17, 2015 (click here for article)

"It’s an awesome utility that’s perfect for anyone who needs to digest PDF files on a regular basis... By zooming in on a document and shaking your device, you’ll activate a responsive scroll method that allows you to read through PDF files simply by physically rotating your device... RotoView PDF Reader has taken a simple concept and turned it into something incredibly useful, ultimately making it less of a chore to read PDF files on the go."

–, May 16, 2015 (click here for article)

Sensor Kinetics, the app that explains and demonstrates the basic sensors that perform the RotoView smart scroll, was listed in the top science apps of Owl Kids: "This all in one toolkit gives charts, graphs, and more to learn gravity, movement, vibrations, and magnetic fields around you. Try it just for fun, or use it to collect data for your next science experiment!""

- Owl Kids, Top Five Science and Tech Apps (click here for article)

The RotoView Photo Viewer was listed among the best photo viewing apps for Android. The app is described as "it's a new unique way to view your photos with just one hand."

– (click here for list)

"L’idée ici est de proposer une interface plus pratique pour regarder les photos de près, de très près. Le zoom s'effectue d’un double tap ou par pincement à l’écran et on note qu'il permet d’aller plus loin que l’appli photo native. Une fois arrivé au niveau de zoom voulu, l’utilisateur n’a qu’à relever d’un coup sec le bas de l’iPhone pour activer le mode ‘Smart Scroll’. Il suffit ensuite de pencher légèrement ’iPhone pour se promener dans tous les sens dans la photo. Un petit indicateur à l’écran permet de savoir dans quelle zone l'affichage se trouve."

The idea here is to provide a more convenient interface to view pictures with great magnification. Zooming is performed by a double tap or pinching the screen, allowing you to go further than the built-in Photos app. Once at the desired zoom level, the user only has to tap the RotoView Scroll Controller to activate the Smart Scroll. Then just tilt the iPhone to wander in all directions of the photo. A small indicator on the screen lets you know which zone is displaying.

- Blog (France), January 5, 2014 (click here for article)

"La grande qualità di RotoView è sicuramente l’intuitività delle funzioni, che consente anche ai meno esperti di poter sfruttare al massimo tutte le caratteristiche presenti...Considero quest’applicazione, un’ottima risorsa per chi ogni giorno opera nel campo della fotografia o per i semplici appassionati a cui piace apprezzare il più piccolo aspetto di un’immagine."

The great quality of RotoView is definitely the intuitiveness of the functions, which allows even novice users to be able to take full advantage of all the features present... I consider this application, an excellent resource for those who work every day in the field of photography or for enthusiasts who like to appreciate the smallest appearance of an image.

- AVR Magazine (Italy), December 7, 2013 (click here for article)

"Con RotoView Photo Magnifier è possibile scorrere le foto “ingrandite” in modo molto più veloce, grazie ad una sorta di scorrimento avanzato dell’immagine anche quando lo zoom è al massimo. Si tratta quindi di un’ottima soluzione per sfogliare le foto con una sola mano, anche gestendo lo zoom."

With RotoView Photo Magnifier you can scroll through highly magnified pictures much faster, thanks to the abilitity to glide the image when rotating the phone. It is therfore a great way to browse photos with one hand and managing the zoom.

- (Italy), December 4, 2013 (click here for article)

"RotoView is an app that lets you zoom in super close on your iPhone photos, and then scroll around them by tilting the iPhone itself. It is also a great example of how iOS 7-native design can help an app look great, when otherwise it would very likely look awful."

- Cult of Mac, December 4, 2013 (click here for article)

"RotoView Photo Magnifier has a free solution for magnifying your photos and easily scrolling around with gestures and phone movements... Some of the moves are very complex, and certainly outstrip what you can do with a stock iOS photo viewer... If you have a lot of photos on your iPhone or iPad, and often find you need to examine them in more detail, the RotoView app is for you... Prepare to spend some time figuring out the gestures, and soon they will be second nature."

- The Unofficial Apple Weblog, December 3, 2013 (click here for article)

"The (RotoView Photo Magnifier) app looks really useful for those who might want to make out more details in a photo they may have on their device."

- Techaeris, November 22, 2013 (click here for article)

RotoView Photo Magnifier released for iPhone.

- November 19, 2013

Discover the Hidden Features of your Smartphone.

- PR Web, September 23, 2013 (click here for article)

RotoView 2.0 released for iPhone.

- July 30, 2013

Scroll up and down the Sensor Kinetics screen to see the many motion sensors in your iPhone. The advanced viewers show real-time measurements from all of the standard sensors available in your iPhone or iPad, including the gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetometer."

- Iphone App Review (click here for article)

Alex Feldman rode the Wave Swinger, taking measurements of the angle of the ride and the force felt by riders. Using the app Sensor Kinetics Pro he was able to record the acceleration on the x, y, and z axis with his phone."

-, June 11, 2013 (click here for article)

"With the new Sensor Kinetics app, Android owners can test and monitor all the standard sensors available in their devices."

- SIGNAL Online, July 17, 2012 (click here for article)

"Have you ever wondered if your Android smartphone or tablet has a gyroscope sensor? Or are you curious to know how fast your phone’s accelerometer works? If so, Sensor Kinetics is the app for you,” said Dr. David Y. Feinstein, president of INNOVENTIONS and creator of Sensor Kinetics."

- Virtual Strategy, July 16, 2012 (click here for article)

"RotoView Tilt and Scroll Smartphone Patent Cited Over 100 Times."

- PR Newswire, May 26, 2010 (click here for article)

"RotoView provides a new and more unique way to use your smart phone, whether it is to play music, GPS positioning and navigation, or play games."

- FIND (Taiwan), February 3, 2010 (click here for article)

"INNOVENTIONS, Inc. has released a new free iPhone app that demonstrates its patented RotoView(R) "tilt and scroll" display navigation system for smartphones."

- Electronic Technology (Hong Kong), January 11, 2010

"RotoView enables intuitive one-handed navigation operation. The user simply tilts the device forward, backward, left, right, and will be able to browse to any part of a complete picture."

- iPhone vs IT, January 8, 2010 (click here for article)

"(T)he idea is to demonstrate the technology and INNOVENTIONS seems ready to license it to a number of companies which could use it in a wide range of portable devices such as smartphones, media players, PNDs, e-book readers and so on."

- IntoMobile, January 7, 2010 (click here for article)

"If smartphones are now approaching computers in terms of content and usage, using a screen of a few square centimeters is still often difficult. The solution could come from RotoView, An application developed by Innoventions."

- L'Atelier, January 6, 2010 (click here for article), a podcast is also available (in French).

"Although just adapted for the iPhone, RotoView can be incorporated into other portable devices like smart phones, media players, GPS devices, e-book readers, cameras and computers like tablets. "

-, January 6, 2010 (click here for article)

"With intuitive single-hand navigation, users can simply tilt the device left-right or up-down to see beyond the virtual boundaries of the display."

-, January 6, 2010 (click here for article)

INNOVENTIONS secures national patents in the UK, Germany, France and Italy for "Tilt and Scroll" Smartphone Technology

- INNOVENTIONS news release, April 2, 2008 (click here for article)

"Everyone is on the move. And a Houston, Texas-based firm believes it has the tilt-to-navigate technology that manufacturers need to enable products for the PDA and smart phone market. They’ve actually had the technology for some time – but the market and the pricing are finally coming together to make a better business case for their tilt-to-navigate technology."

- The Motion Applications Report, October 11, 2007

"European Patent Granted for 'Tilt and Scroll' Smartphone Technology"

- Intellectual Property Today, September 28, 2007

"The European Patent Office has granted a European patent for Innoventions' RotoView "tilt and scroll" display navigation system for smartphones and other mobile electronic devices. This European patent further expands the company's previously acquired US patents for the invention and creates a wider portfolio of licensing opportunities in the international market."

- Mobile Europe, September 28, 2007

"La navigation sur mobile se fait d'un geste"

- L'Atelier, September 28, 2007 (click here for article)

Innoventions Receives European Patent

- Houston Business Journal, September 27, 2007 (click here for article)

"Innoventions thinks RotoView, iPods make a perfect fit"

- Macsimum News, May 3, 2006

Second Patent for INNOVENTIONS enhances its RotoView "tilt and scroll" navigation technology

- INNOVENTIONS news release, October 15, 2005 (click here for article)

Low-Cost Development System for Tilt Navigation

- Circuit Cellar Magazine, January 2004

"Here's a technology that could put a new spin on moving and shaking... don't be surprised if you see people waving their PDAs around."

- PC Magazine, September 15, 2003 (click here for article)

"Some ideas are so simple, when you first hear of them you think, "Now why didn't I think of that?" RotoView is one such invention."

-, August 13, 2003 (click here for article)

RotoView® Solves Handheld Display Challenge

- Mobile Magazine, August 8, 2003 (click here for article)

A View-Navigation System for Hand-Held Portable Displays

- Information Display Magazine(click here to request a reprint)

RotoView - intuitivní displej

-, Czech Republic (click here for article)


-, Russia (click here for article)

Innoventions Expands Handheld Displays with RotoView

-, August 6, 2003 (click here for article)

INNOVENTIONS Gets Patent on New Display Navigation Technology for Hand Held Devices

- INNOVENTIONS news release, October 15, 2002 (click here for article)

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