RotoView® Ballistics Tutorial

RotoView® Ballistics Tutorial

The program collects data during the RotoView Navigation mode. The data of the most recent navigation session replaces any previous data and is retained for analysis and can be shown in the Ballistics Data view.

Each line in the ballistics table lists the sensor data and the computation of scrolling parameters for the corresponding time ticker. Since view rendering (and ballistics data capture) is the same as the gyroscope frequency, the time ticker period is 40ms when the gyroscope frequency is kept at its default value of 25Hz.

The R column indicates the current value of the mapped THROW/GLIDE Response Graph. You can correlate the value in this column and the currently selected graph and mapping setting. Sensor rotational data is captured in the Rx (Roll rotation - x axis scrolling), and Py (Pitch rotation - y axis scrolling) columns. The M column indicates the current scroll mode: 1 is THROW, 2 is GLIDE and 3 indicates the Proportional Scroll mode. The Dx and Dy indicate the computed view displacement along the X and Y axes. The Act column displays the activity detector and other auxiliary indicators. For inactivity detection, the RotoView Protocol regards rotations from the baseline which are below the 'Inactivity rotation limit' (in the Setup 'Inactivity' setting) as Inactivity. Therefore, the value 'N' indicates inactivity while 'Y' indicates activity. If exit by inactivity is set, the program counts sufficient consecutive 'N' readings to determine inactivity exit, based on the 'Inactivity period setting'.

Tutorial 4.1: Working with the Ballistics Data

                        data   Ballistics

Tutorial 4.2: Examining Inactivity Exit with the Ballistics Data

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