The Original RotoView® App Version 1.0 for iPhone


The Original RotoView® Demo App Version 1.0

In 2009 we developed our first RotoView app to work with the original iPhone. At that time, the iPhone was not equipped with a gyroscope, so this app worked only with accelerometers. Without the gyroscope, the scroll was less accurate than the current version 2.0 of this app.

Version 1.0 is no longer available for download, as it was replaced with our current version 2.0 of the RotoView app. Use the new RotoView app to evaluate the RotoView technology in detail.

Readers who wish to experiment with an actual implementation of the RotoView technology in a full fucntion app are encouraged to check the new RotoView Photo Magnifier app.

This page includes our earlier video describing the original RotoView app version 1.0 as well as some screen captures from the app itself.

The original RotoView app video

Screen captures from the original RotoView app

The following screen captures demonstrates the original RotoView app. You start by selecting an image from your album.

Image Selection


Initial Screen

Image Selection

Image Selection

Activating the RotoView app provides a photo selection button following the initial screen. As you can see in our album, we previously saved several photos of maps to demonstrate RotoView in our video. Press Open to choose any photo from your device's albums. Double tap the image or use Pinch touch gesture to further enlarge or reduce the view. RotoView is well adapted to co-exist with and complement multi-touch functions.

Download the RotoView apps for iPhone:
RotoView Demo

RotoView Photo Magnifier

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RotoView Photo Viewer


RotoView PDF Reader

      from the RotoView Patent

The RotoView Patent

Learn more about RotoView Technology

Learn more about gyroscopes and accelerometers with our Sensor Kinetics app for iPhone

RotoView in Action

Unmagnified map

A map photo which is too small to read on the small display.

Magnified map

After double tapping the photo, the photo is magnified so that only a portion is shown.

RotoView Scroll Controller

The is the early version of the Scroll Controller. It shows what portion of the display they are seeing.

To explore RotoView, tap the More button. This will bring you to the Settings, Graph Editor, Ballistics and Help screens, where you can change many settings and even response graphs. The original RotoView app was an advanced development system that could be used to design various RotoView navigation profiles to be used for different applications.

App settings

The RotoView app is an advanced development system for designing better navigation profiles.

Response graph

The RotoView time response graph creates complex view navigation responses that may start with a THROW gesture (coarse navigation) followed by GLIDE (fine navigation).


The Ballistics table captures all sensor and response data of the last RotoView navigation.


This page shows the now obsolete original version 1.0 of the RotoView app. Please click here to see the current app page.

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