RotoView® Time Response Graph Tutorial

THROW/GLIDE Time Response Graph Tutorial

The RotoView app allows you to experiment with various THROW/GLIDE Time Response graphs provided by INNOVENTIONS, as well as to design your own. THROW/GLIDE Time response graphs are an important part of the RotoView Protocol and its RotoView Dynamic Response algorithms. Based upon the mapping setup, these graphs will dynamically change the relative intensity of the RotoView THROW and GLIDE response to the rotation data.

NOTE: The Time Response Graph is an abstract implementation of a normalized version of the time response curves first described in the RotoView US 6,466,198 patent. Please review the description of RotoView Dynamic Response Algorithms.

Tutorial 2.1: Selecting a THROW/GLIDE Time Response Graph

In the default state, the RotoView app uses 'graph1'. This tutorial shows you how to select and review other graphs.

                        Response graph setup

tap graph1

                        THROW/GLIDE Time Response Graph

Tap 'select' to change the graph:

                        Graph Selector

tap graph2

Confirm graph

Response Graph2
  • Step 1. Tap More to reach the Setup menu and scroll down to the 'Throw/Glide Time Response Graph Setting' group to see which graph is currently used. The above assumes that the default graph1 is in use.  
  • Step 2. Tap the 'Response graph' item or tap the Graphs tab at the bottom to reach the Graph Selector menu. The current Throw/Glide time response graph is shown together with its description.
  • Step 3. Tap Select to review the available graphs. Each graph appears with a short description.
  • Step 4. Tap any graph you wish to select, and press OK to confirm your selection. The newly selected graph (graph2 in this example) will now appear.
  • Step 5. Tap the Photos button to return to the main view.
  • Step 6. Navigate your photo with the RotoView Dynamic Scroll mode to see the graph's behavior. You can also change the graph mapping as described in Tutorial 2.2.

Tutorial 2.2: Change the THROW/GLIDE Time Response Graph Mapping

The RotoView Throw/Glide time response graphs provide a normalized mapping of view navigation rates (intensity) for 10 time slots. This normalized time must be mapped to a specific time setting (5.0 second is the default). 

                        Graph Setup


  • Step 1.Tap More to reach the Setup menu and scroll down to the 'Throw/Glide Time Response Graph Setting' group. 
  • Step 2. Tap the Map graph's time to to reach the Graph Mapping menu.
  • Step 3. Set the length of time you want to map the current graph. 
  • Step 4. Baseline update is an important mechanism of the RotoView Protocol which improves the navigation response near or at the edges of the contents view.  
  • Step 5. Tap the Photos button to return to the main view.
  • Step 6. Navigate your photo to see the graph's behavior. Note that if you scroll in a given navigation session longer than the mapping time, the navigation uses the last value of the graph for the remainder to the navigation.

Tutorial 2.3: Create your own THROW/GLIDE Time Response Graph

                        Graph Selector

  • Step 1. Reach the graph selection view of the Graph Editor as described in Tutorial 2.1, and tap the New button on the top right. This will activate the graph design view, using the current response graph.
  • Step 2. You can reset the graph to start with a flat graph or use the current response graph as a start. Change the graph by dragging any of the 10 points. Changes are made along the vertical (intensity) exit. Your graph time is mapped in accordance with Tutorial 2.2. Remember that if navigation time exceeds the mapping time length, the navigation continues with the intensity of time 9.
  • Step 3. Upon completing your graph, you can abort the changes or select Save As to use your new graph.
  • Step 4. Please enter a short description of your graph. This will be handy when you try to select different graphs.
  • Step 5. You can save your graph as either 'user_graph1', 'user_graph2' or 'user_graph3'. Saving the graph will erase any previously stored graph.

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