RotoView® Scroll Controller

RotoView® Scroll Controller

A unique feature of the RotoView technology is the Scroll Controller. The transparent Scroll Controller consists of a Control Area marked by the corners of a red rectangle with a Scroll Map that guides your scrolling. The Scroll Controller provides scrolling guidance and RotoView activation functions.   

The Scroll Map has an outer rectangle that represents the contents view (e.g. the magnified photo outline), and an embedded filled rectangle that represents the outline of the device's screen view. When RotoView is activated, the Scroll Map shows you the location and proportional size of your screen view in relation to the larger virtual image. This is useful for large images, long web pages and lengthy text documents. We demonstrate in the RotoView app video that the Scroll Map is more user friendly than the traditional scroll bars. 

Scroll Map

The RotoView Protocol allows activation of the RotoView Navigation mode when you tap inside the Control Area. You can stop RotoView scrolling when you tap outside the Control Area. The Scroll Controller appears when RotoView is activated. It provides visual indication as to the specific modes and gestures currently in effect. You can change the location and size of the Control Area as well as hide and show the Scroll Map.

Navigation monitor
Navigation monitor
The yellow boundary of the Scroll Map indicates the THROW gesture, with the red arrow pointing to the direction at which the screen view is thrown. 
The white boundary of the Scroll Map indicates the GLIDE gesture, where the screen view is gliding slowly over the photo. 

                        Proportional Scroll mode
                        Suspend mode
The green boundary of the Scroll Map indicates the Proportional Scroll mode, which is selected for relatively small photo magnification.  
When the user drags the screen during RotoView Navigation mode,  the Suspend mode (with orange map boundary) is activated. The Navigation mode terminates when the user ends the drag gesture.

The Scroll Controller area size can be modified via the Miscellaneous Setup menu. You should select the area size that allows the most convenient access with your thumb. You can also hide the Scroll Map if you prefer to use the standard scroll bars for your scrolling guidance.

Setting for Scroll Controller

                        Controller size setup
Tap the Scroll Controller setup in the Miscellaneous Setup.  
Use the slider to set the size of the Controller Area. You can show or hide the Scroll Map. 

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