RotoView® Photo Magnifier App for iPhone and iPad

RotoView® Photo Magnifier App for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Magnify and zoom into your photos closer than ever before and scroll them precisely and comfortably using RotoView tilt based smart scrolling.

RotoView Photo Magnifier is not a replacement for the standard iPhone 'Photos' app. It is an additional app for your iPhone that enhances the experience, allowing you to truly see the details of your photos up close.

Before this app, scrolling a highly magnified photo by touch was cumbersome, taking many drag motions to scroll across the entire photo. The RotoView Photo Magnifier scrolls your highly magnified images much faster than traditional touch screen scrolling. It’s also a great app for viewing photos on your iPhone with a single hand.

RotoView Photo Magnifier has a free solution for magnifying your photos and easily scrolling around with gestures and phone movements... Some of the moves are very complex, and certainly outstrip what you can do with a stock iOS photo viewer... If you have a lot of photos on your iPhone or iPad, and often find you need to examine them in more detail, the RotoView app is for you... Prepare to spend some time figuring out the gestures, and soon they will be second nature.

- The Unofficial Apple Weblog, December 3, 2013

RotoView Photo Magnifier is simple to use! Just select any picture from your stored photo albums, double tap or pinch to magnify, and activate RotoView Smart Scroll with a shake or tap. Rotate your phone and watch how smoothly and quickly you can view different areas of the magnified photo.

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Available for iPhone and iPad

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RotoView Photo Magnifier

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The RotoView Patent

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Quick Start

Use the unique Throw and Glide rotation gestures to scroll your photos. The Throw gesture rapidly scrolls enlarged photos in response to the way you tilt your phone, even faster than the standard Flick touch gesture. The Glide gesture follows the Throw gesture automatically with slower, more precise scrolling. The RotoView interface works well with touch gestures, providing a smooth transition between rotation and drag.

Tap ‘More’ to explore the technology behind RotoView Smart Scroll and experiment with different settings.

- Magnify your photos much more than the built-in iPhone Photos app
- Simple, intuitive single hand scrolling
- Seamlessly combine rotation and touch screen gestures
- Works with all of your stored albums and photo

Activating the RotoView app provides a photo selection button. Press Open to choose any photo from your iPhone's albums. Double tap the image or use Pinch touch gesture to further enlarge or reduce the view.


RotoView Photo Magnifier is powerful photo magnification and easy image scrolling by tilting your phone.

How to start and stop

RotoView Photo Magnifier is simple to use. Just double tap a photo or "pinch in" with your fingertips. To activate RotoView scrolling, just shake your phone.

RotoView Scroll Controller

RotoView Photo Magnifier is simple to use. Just double tap a photo or "pinch in" with your fingertips. To activate RotoView scrolling, just shake your phone.

iPad Magnetometer

After double tapping the photo, the photo is magnified so that only a portion is shown. Use the Pinch gesture to zoom in far more than with the built-in iPhone viewer.


The Scroll Controller shows you what portion of the stored photo you are seeing.

You can still perform multi-touch operation in conjunction with the RotoView. A unique feature of the RotoView technology is the RotoView Scroll Controller. When activated, the progress monitor shows the view location on the larger virtual image. It also indicates the proportional size of the virtual image in comparison to the screen view. This is particularly useful for large images.

Please see the FAQ here.

The following RotoView Protocol tutorial video can help you better understand the RotoView operation.

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