Attitude (Rotation) Sensor in Smartphones and Tablets

The Attitude (rotation) sensor provides the pitch, roll and yaw (azimuth) angles of the smartphone or tablet relative to the normal horizon. It is a part of the Device-Motion information computed by the device's operating system from the main sensors, particularly the gyroscope.

Although the gyroscope provides precise measurements of the angular rates, calculating rotations only from the gyroscope are subject to a noticeable drift due to various inherent physical phenomena like gyro precession. The Device-Motion computation automatically uses measurements from the accelerometer to minimize the drift.

Using the main sensors screen in the Sensor Kinetics app, you can verify the stability of the attitude sensor by monitoring the globe when the device is stationary. The globe follows your pitch and roll changes. You can experiment with yaw (azimuth) angle when you rotate the device while it is placed on a flat surface.

Use the Sensor Kinetics app to learn about the Attitude (Rotation) Sensor

Sensor Kinetics for the iPhone includes a simple globe viewer that changes the attitude of the globe based on the iPhone rotation, as shown here:

iPhone Sensor Kinetics demonstrates the attitude sensor

Sensor Kinetics for the Android demonstrates the use of the Rotation sensor to control RotoView style view navigation, allowing you to compare the reduced drift of the Rotation sensor compared to a pure gyroscope (no-fusion) sensor.

Android Sensor Kinetics demonstrates the attitude sensor

Sensor Kinetics displays realtime charts for the three rotation axes of the device: the roll, pitch, and azimuth. The attitude (rotation) charts can be viewed in either portrait or landscape mode.

iPad Sensor Kinetics chart for Magnetometer

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