The gyroscope sensor measures rotational velocity along the Roll, Pitch and Yaw axes. It depends on the property of rotating mass as illustrated in the following schematic drawing of the classical mechanical gyroscope.

Gyroscope is second most popular sensor in today's smartphone, after the accelerometer sensor.

Gyroscope Schema

Of course, like the accelerometer, modern gyroscope sensors for mobile devices utilize MEMS technology contained in a tiny electronic package. The same tiny package may include both the gyroscope and accelerometer (and sometimes even the magnetometer).

MEMS gyroscope

Use the Sensor Kinetics app to learn about the Gyroscope

Sensor Kinetics displays realtime charts for the gyroscope.  It shows the rotation rates along the pitch, roll and yaw (azimuth) axes.The charts can be viewed in either portrait or landscape mode.

Android Sensor Kinetics chart for Gyroscope

Students can conduct interteresting experiments while measuring rotations with their phone's built in gyroscope.

iPhone Sensor Kinetics Chart for Gyroscope

The gyroscope reading in the main and summary screens are displayed in radians per second. The chart view integrates the rotational velocities to obtain graphs of the roll, pitch, and yaw of the device.

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Learn more about the sensors of today's mobile devices with our Sensor Kinetics apps.

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RotoView For Smart Watches

See how a gyroscopes and accelerometers are used in our RotoView apps for Android and iPhone.



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