Multi-Sensor File Sharing

Multi-Sensor File Sharing

The Multi-Sensor Recorder allows you to share saved Multi-Sensor Recorder data using one convenient button. The following drawing illustrates the relations between the Multi-Sensor file name (e.g. test3.msc) and the resulting Comma Separated Values (CSV) files that are available to be shared.

File System

Shared data must first be saved via the Multi-Sensor Recorder Files & Sharing menu. Select the saved file_name.msc file that you want to share from the Files Manager list. Tap the share option. You can now select "Convert to CSV" or "E-mail". Both selections first convert all of the corresponding sensor data files (file_name.accm, file_name.gyrm, etc. ) to CSV files (file_name_accm.csv, file_name_gyrm.csv, etc.). If you selected "E-mail", the app will open the default e-mail app of your device and will allow you to e-mail all the .csv files attached to a single e-mail. The e-mail includes a detailed description of data files.

Please note that converting large data files to the CSV format may take some time. The app provides a detailed log showing the process progress:

Sharing Files

If you do not want to use e-mail to share the data, you can still open these CSV files directly by your PC. Connect your device to your computer, open the device (e.g. using the PC file explorer). Navigate to the "SensorKineticsCharts" directory. You can now open the CSV files directly with Excel or similar programs.

Sharing an Individual Sensor file

Using the Files & Sharing menu of the Chart Viewer of each sensor allows you to share individual data files. You can share regular chart files (e.g. filename.acc) as well as data files that belong to a Multi-Sensor recording (e.g. filename.accm).

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