Multi-Sensor File System

Multi-Sensor File System - Overview

Use the new Files and Sharing menu in the Multi-Sensor Recorder to save, open and share the data of multiple sensors with a single intuitive action.

File System

The Multi Sensor Files Manager lists the control files (xxxxx.msc) that capture a simultaneous recording of one or more sensors. The .msc control files are very small as they only include the time, the size of the sensor's data, and pointers to the actual data files which are available to view via the Chart Viewer's file menu.

Control data is saved into a .msc file (test3 in the above example), while all of the active sensor's data are saved to the corresponding files: .accm (for the accelerometer), .gyrm (for the gyroscope), .magm (for the magnetometer), .grvm (for gravity sensor), .lacm (for the linear acceleration sensor), and .rotm (for the rotation sensor).

The following screen captures illustrate this file relationship. In this example, the accelerometer chart file 1.accm is part of the Multi-Sensor Recorder control file 1.msc, while the chart file 2.acc is not a part of 2.msc. Similarly, chart 4.accm is part of 4.msc while chart 4.acc is an individual chart file, not related to 4.msc

Relation between the Multi-Sensor Files Manager and the Accelerometer Chart Files Menu
File Relation

Saving Multi-Sensor Recorder Data

After running a Multi-Sensor Recorder session, tap the Files & Sharing menu. Then tap the diskette icon on the top right to initiate the save session. The following screen capture illustrates the detailed list generated when you save the Multi-Sensor data into test3.msc.

File Relation

Opening A Multi-Sensor Recorder File

To open a previously saved Multi-Sensor Recorder session, tap the Files & Sharing menu on the Multi-Sensor Recorder screen. Scroll the file list to find your file and tap the desired file name. Then tap the open button. The Multi-Sensor file open script details the process so you can see the data and modes of the opened sensor data files.

File Relation

Once you accept the file open script (tap "Great"), the Multi-Sensor Recorder will appear, with all of the active sensors loaded with the appropriate data. If there are some chart files missings or other errors, you can see the problem listed in the script log. You can then go to the Files menu of the appropriate Chart Viewer to inspect the list of available files.

Please note that you can delete any individual chart file, even if they are part of a Multi-Sensor recording. For example, in the relation between the Multi-Sensor files manager and the Accelerometer file menu shown above, it is clear that opening 2.msc will indicate a file missing error for 2.accm (remember, 2.acc is not like 2.accm).

Differences Between Multi-Sensor and Chart Data Files

The main difference between data files recorded simultaneously by the Multi-Sensor Recorder to data files saved from the Sensor Chart Viewers are:

  • Multi-Sensor Recorder data does not apply filters. Only raw data, rotation mode and Scalar settings are applied on the data. These settings are controlled by the Chart Viewer's Filters & Setting menu for each sensor individually.
  • Data rate is much better controlled by the Multi-Sensor Recorder, since the data is just entered into storage as opposed to the need to incorporate the sensor data into the chart graphic data of the Chart Viewer. For scientific research, we recommend using the Multi-Sensor Recorder even if you just want to record a single sensor.

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