RotoView Apps for the iPhone and iPad

RotoView Apps for the iPhone and iPad

RotoView technology has been incorporated in several apps for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

  RotoView® Photo Magnifier App

Magnify and zoom into your photos closer than ever before and scroll them precisely and comfortably using RotoView tilt based smart scrolling.

Scrolling a highly magnified photo by touch is cumbersome, taking many drag motions to scroll across the entire photo. The RotoView Photo Viewer scrolls your highly magnified images much faster than traditional touch screen scrolling.It’s also a great app for viewing photos on your Android phone with a single hand.

RotoView Photo Magnifier is simple to use! Just select any picture from your stored photo albums, double tap or pinch to magnify, and activate RotoView Smart Scroll with a shake or tap. Rotate your phone and watch how smoothly and quickly you can view different areas of the magnified photo.

RotoView Photo Magnifier for iPhone/iPad
Available for iPhone and iPad
RotoView Photo Magnifier Quick Start

  RotoView® Demo App

The RotoView® Demo App is a proof-of-concept demonstration and technology evaluation tool for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch platforms. This free app implements a simplified photo viewer for the demonstration and includes Ballistics tables and advanced response graph design.

RotoView Demo for iPhone/iPad
Available for iPhone and iPad
RotoView Demo Quick Start

  The Original RotoView® iPhone App

In 2009 we developed our first RotoView app to work with the original iPhone. At that time, the iPhone was not equipped with a gyroscope, so this app worked only with accelerometers. Without the gyroscope, the scroll was less accurate than the current version 2.0 of this app.

Version 1.0 is no longer available for download, as it was replaced with our current version listed above. You can still read about it and watch its vidwo in our archives.

"RotoView Photo Magnifier has a free solution for magnifying your photos and easily scrolling around with gestures and phone movements... If you have a lot of photos on your iPhone or iPad, and often find you need to examine them in more detail, the RotoView app is for you... Prepare to spend some time figuring out the gestures, and soon they will be second nature."
The Unofficial Apple Weblog, December 3, 2013
Download the RotoView apps for iPhone:
RotoView Demo

RotoView Photo Magnifier

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RotoView PDF Reader

      from the RotoView Patent

The RotoView Patent

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