RotoView Photo Viewer for Android

RotoView Photo Viewer is a free app for Android that allows you to "tilt to scroll" your way around the large photos displayed on your smartphone. No more slow, cumbersome fingertip scrolling, no more dirt smeared on your screen.

Magnify and zoom into your photos closer than ever before and scroll them precisely and comfortably using RotoView tilt based smart scrolling.

Scrolling a highly magnified photo by touch is cumbersome, taking many drag motions to scroll across the entire photo. The RotoView Photo Viewer scrolls your highly magnified images much faster than traditional touch screen scrolling. It’s also a great app for viewing photos on your Android phone with a single hand.

RotoView Photo is simple to use! Just select any picture from your stored photo albums, double tap or pinch to magnify, and activate RotoView Smart Scroll with a shake or tap. Rotate your phone and watch how smoothly and quickly you can view different areas of the magnified photo.

Use the unique Throw and Glide rotation gestures to scroll your photos. The Throw gesture rapidly scrolls enlarged photos in response to the way you tilt your phone, even faster than the standard Flick touch gesture. The Glide gesture follows the Throw gesture automatically with slower, more precise scrolling. The RotoView interface works well with touch gestures, providing a smooth transition between rotation and drag.

Tap the help ‘?’ icon to explore the technology behind RotoView Smart Scroll. Use the settings icon to experiment with different settings. Remember that you can return to default setting by selecting the "Default".

- Simple, intuitive single hand scrolling
- Seamlessly combine rotation and touch screen gestures
- Works with all of your stored albums and photos
- Includes cropping, wallpaper setings and other editing functions.
- Can use all existing image editors on your phone.

What Does RotoView Do?

RotoView enables you to scroll magnified pictures just by rotating (or tilting) your phone or tablet.

To avoid undesired movements while viewing, RotoView is active only during the Scrolling mode and it is turned off during the normal (fixed view) mode. As you will see shortly, there are several methods to activate RotoView and to turn it off, so that you can use the method you feel most comfortable with.

"RotoView Photo Viewer is a great alternative to your basic picture gallery... With all the basic options covered, and the addition of new features, you will enjoy looking at your pictures even more."
– Android Guys, November 20, 2015
"RotoView Photo Viewer is a unique photo viewer that lets you zoom around large photos by simply tilting your phone. It essentially does away with the old-fashion touch-and-drag approach for viewing your magnified photos... Overall, we love how seamless the appearance and layout of RotoView Photo Viewer is and how it presents a unique opportunity to show off your photos to friends and clients... Overall, at only 3.2 MB and offering such a unique way to view your photos, we think that RotoView Photo Viewer is well worth a download."
–, November 2015

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RotoView Photo Viewer

RotoView PDF Reader

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     from the RotoView Patent

The RotoView Patent

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The RotoView Scroll Controller

RotoView assigns a small rectangular area of your phone’s screen view as the Scroll Controller. The Scroll Controller appears on the screen only during RotoView scrolling mode to help guide you while scrolling.

The Scroll Controller includes a map that represents the page boundary (outside rectangle) and the screen view (inside filled rectangle). The position of the screen view shows which portion of the page you currently see.

You can drag the Scroll Controller to change its location on the screen. The Controller's last location is preserved. We recommend placing the controller around the top right area section of the smartphone's screen, within an easy reach of your thumb.

RotoView Photo Viewer in Operation

The following images shows the RotoView Photo Viewer app in operation. The brief description with each image illustrate the particular operation. Please pay special attention to the Scroll Controller, as it guides your scrolling. The Scroll Controller also indicate the type of scrolling operation and allows you to activate and deactivate the scrolling.

Album view

Tapping the RotoView Photo app icon brings up your albums. Select an album and click on any photo to explore.

Base reset

The RotoView Photo Viewer app is simple to use. Just double tap a photo or "pinch out" with your fingertips to zoom in. To activate RotoView scrolling, just shake your phone. Tapping the bottom part of the scroller cause a baseline reset.

Shake Setting

To adjust the activation shake sensitivity, just tap Settings and use the blue slider bar. A higher value provides for more sensitive shake control.

Throw Gesture

Once RotoView Photo is activated, tilting your phone begins the Throw gesture. It rapidly scrolls enlarged photos in response to the direction of the tilt and is much faster than flicking your finger across the screen.

Glide Gesture

The Glide gesture follows the Throw gesture automatically with slower, more precise scrolling. Once you've reached the final position of your photo, a quick shake of your phone ends the scrolling.

Built in help

For exploring RotoView Photo Viewer further, tap the ? symbol or select Help from the photo menu. It will bring up the extensive How To Use RotoView Photo help file (as seen on an Android tablet.)

Proportional Scroll mode

RotoView Photo Viewer uses a Proportional Scroll mode when the photo magnification is below a preset ratio. While in this mode, changes in the orientation of your phone are translated directly to a scrolling distance that is proportional to the amount of the rotation from the baseline.

Continuous Touch Operation

You can start with a long press anywhere on the screen. If you keep your finger pressed more than a second, RotoView activates the Continuous Touch operation where scrolling ends once you lift your finger.

The RotoView Scroll Controller indicates the Continuous Touch operation mode by a narrow orange marker.

Single Hand Operation (Non-Continuous Touch operation)

Shake Commands

Shaking the device up and down, as implemented in the RotoView Android and iPhone apps, is very convenient for a single hand operation. It can be used for a start and stop command. An important feature of the RotoView Protocol prohibits the end shake command from disturbing the final location of the screen view. RotoView maintains a stored trail of screen movements and when an end shake is detected, the screen is restored to the last position prior to the shake.

Touchscreen Commands

RotoView is well designed to integrate with the standard touch screen user interface. Accordingly, RotoView activation commands are implemented with the unique RotoView Scroll Controller as shown in the following figure. Start RotoView by tapping the screen area assigned for the Scroll Controller (left). Remember that you can place the Scroll Controller anywhere on the screen. Stop RotoView by tapping anywhere outside the screen area assigned for the Scroll Controller (right).

RotoView tap on (left) and tap off (right) commands.

Single hand operation also starts with a long press anywhere on the screen, which lasts less than a second. If you continue to hold beyond one second, the Continuous Touch mode will be triggered.

Suspend Mode
Suspend Mode

An important feature of the RotoView protocol is that it allows the user to pan the image while RotoView is on without the need to explicitly turn RotoView scrolling off. RotoView transits into the Suspend Mode, as evidenced by a change of color. The panning touch gestures brings the screen view to its final location and ends the RotoView scrolling operation once the finger is lifted from the screen.

This feature is another example of RotoView's smooth integration with the dominant touch screen technology of mobile devices.

RotoView Scrolling Modes

The RotoView PDF Reader uses the unique Throw and Glide rotation gestures to scroll your PDF pages. The Throw gesture rapidly scrolls enlarged files in response to the small rotations (tilting) of your phone. The Glide gesture automatically follows the Throw gesture with slower, more precise scrolling.

Throw Gesture

Coarse (rapid) scrolling in response to tilt. The red arrow shows the scrolling direction.

The red bracket indicates the Scroll Controller area.

Glide Gesture

Fine scrolling mode that follows the Throw gesture.Tapping the map re-activates the Throw gesture.

Proportional Scroll Mode

For small magnification, RotoView scrolling is proportional to the rotation of the phone. You can change the magnification setting (a/b) to control when proportional scrolling is active.

Proportional Scroll mode is indicated by the green boundary color of the scroll controller.
Changing the Scrolling Speed Manually

You can drag the Controller during the Glide mode to change the scrolling speed.

Dragging your finger during the Continuous Touch operation will also change the scrolling speed. The red number indicates relative scrolling speed change.

To Learn More...

The following RotoView Protocol tutorial video can help you better understand the RotoView Photo operation.

Third party credit

The RotoView Photo Viewer is based on the Android "Gallery" stock app, created by the Google Android team.

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