RotoView® Smart Scroll Intellectual Property

The original tilt to scroll technology for mobile devices

INNOVENTIONS pioneered tilt-to-scroll for hand held devices since it was first invented more than sixteen years ago by Dr. David Y. Feinstein, the company President and CTO. We have been refining and promoting the RotoView technology for many years, long before the invention of the iPhone or the Wii game controller.

The RotoView IP provides the basic patent portfolio for tilt-to-scroll display navigation. As of July 2018, the RotoView original patents (US6,466,198 and US6,933,923) have been cited as prior art in 503 separate US patents. The RotoView IP also covers the use of orientation sensors to control the background view navigation in gaming and in wearable virtual reality (VR) devices.

The US6,466,198, US6,933,923 and EP1,290,672 cover many of the basic ideas of smartphone tilt-to-scroll, including simultaneous tilt scrolling in both the horizontal and vertical directions, the Dynamic Scroll mode, the dynamic changing of scrolling speed, scrolling that changes the screen view position only when the tilt is changing (e.g. 360° viewers), combined view magnification and tilt scrolling, various movement gestures to activate and terminate tilt scrolling, and much more. Tilt control activation by tapping sound detection as disclosed by these patents provides an intuitive solution for Smart Watch tilt control.

The US8,675,019, 9,424,810 and 10,296,193 patents cover our unique RotoView Scroll Controller technology that guides and controls the RotoView scrolling. These patents also have wide general applications for HUD color selections and functionality, as well as movable HUD graphical controllers.

The US9,181,760, US9,348,435, US10,031,657 and 10,346,022 patents cover various aspects of Proportional Scroll mode, automatic selection of Dynamic Scroll mode or Proportional Scroll mode as well as the tilt baseline updates required when scrolling reaches the boundaries of the contents view. An example of scroll mode selection is illustrated in the RotoView tilt control for smartwatches page.

The US10,126,839 patent covers the RotoView Augmented Tilt Control technology for motion-based view scrolling. When performing a unidirectional scrolling, the tilt changes in the scrolling direction control the scrolling while the other tilt changes (in the direction perpendicular to the scrolling direction) control various scrolling parameters. Augmented tilt control can also be applied to multi-directional scrolling.

RotoView US Patents
US 6,466,198
Granted: Oct 15, 2002
US 6,933,923 Granted: Aug 23, 2005
US 8,675,019 Granted: March 18, 2014
US 9,181,760 Granted: November 10, 2015
US 9,348,435 Granted: May 24, 2016
US 9,424,810 Granted: August 23, 2016
US 10,031,657 Granted: July 24, 2018
US 10,126,839 Granted: November 13, 2018
US 10,296,193 Granted: May 21, 2019
US 10,346,022 Granted: July 9, 2019

With the emergence of accelerometers, gyroscopes and camera sensors in all modern mobile media devices, the RotoView technology offers an improved user interface experience as detailed in the patents and in our proprietary software solutions.

If you are an app developer, consider deploying RotoView technology in your apps to provide the benefits of the tilt-to-scroll experience for your users. We can help you implement this technology quickly and in a cost effective way.

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"Here's a technology that could put a new spin on moving and shaking... Don't be surprised if you see people waving their PDAs around."
PC Magazine, September 2003

"If sliding our fingers up and down our phones feels like an intuitive scrolling motion today, simply tilting our screens may be the obvious choice of tomorrow when it comes to moving text around a screen. Thanks to a new patent awarded to Houston-based Innoventions Inc., reading an article may soon be as easy as changing your viewing angle."
Digital Trends, November 17, 2015

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"RotoView Photo Viewer is a unique photo viewer that lets you zoom around large photos by simply tilting your phone. It essentially does away with the old-fashion touch-and-drag approach... We love how seamless the appearance and layout of RotoView Photo Viewer is and how it presents a unique opportunity to show off your photos to friends and clients... Overall, at only 3.2 MB and offering such a unique way to view your photos, we think that RotoView Photo Viewer is well worth a download."
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