FAQ - Sensor Kinetics® Apps

Q: What is the difference between the free Sensor Kinetics® app and the paid Sensor Kinetics Pro?

A: The Pro version allows you to save all the graphs that you capture into files, and to share these files to your computer by e-mail or via CSV files. It also allows you to set High Pass or Low Pass filters for each sensor. Otherwise, the Pro has the same features of the free version.

Q: After recording a motion with my phone (i.e., measuring the gyroscope), I try to save the data file but it doesn't save. What am I doing wrong?

A: It's possible that you have not accepted the Permission to Write to the External Storage when you first installed the app. Try to add this permission using the App Setting of your phone, or you can re-install again and make sure that you say YES (or allow) to Write to External Storage.

Q: For Sensor Kinetics Pro, when and how are the csv files deleted after the email is sent? I am concerned that storage is not freed up!

A: Sensor Kinetics Pro for the iPhone and iPad uses the application 'charts' directory to store the charts, and the temporary directory 'tmp' to store the .csv and .plist converted files.
To insure that the converted files (.csv or .plist) are placed in the temporary directory, we use the NSTemporaryDirectory selector provided by the iOS platform. Using this approach, we let iOS automatically manage our temporary files. It usually deletes them once the app quits. On the other hand, we do keep the actual chart files (which are in binary format with extensions like .acc, .gyr, etc.) in our Documents directory to insure that they are persisting. Thus the user can keep them indefinitely or delete them selectively from the Files & Sharing menu.

Please note that you can use the app's Setting (tap Help in the main screen) to delete all the charts in one command.

Q: I have a problem in sending the CSV files via email. After clicking "Send" I hear the sound and I believe the file has been sent. Yet, I have not received the emails.

A: There is no reason why the files will not be emailed if you have Sensor Kinetics Pro on either your Android or iPhone device. Did you try to send these files to another e-mail address? Have you verified that your phone can send/receive other e-mails? If your phone is not connected to the internet or network, Sensor Kinetics Pro will make the sound of sending e-mail but will wait until your phone is connected to the Internet.

Please note that you can use the app's Setting (tap Help in the main screen) to delete all the charts in one command.

Q: When you click "suspend" (from the menu) for all the sensors when using your Sensor Kinetics app, does that then make all the sensors on my phone inoperable (i.e. for other apps) until I click "resume"?  What if I close the app and I forget to click resume -- are all my sensors shut down and inoperable?

A: Sensor Kinetics DOES NOT CHANGE any sensor settings in any other app on your phone. All it does is within the SK app itself. You can turn off all sensors or suspend them within Sensor Kinetics, and this has no affect on any other app.

Q: Is it possible to record the activity from two sensors at the same time and email the data in the same csv file? Specifically the gyroscope and accelerometer sensors. If yes, how would I do that?

A: Multi-sensor recording is now included with the Android Sensor Kinetics app.
Multi-sensor is not yet available in the iOS version. Currently, you can record a two sensor behavior of an object by using two smartphones, each with the Sensor Kinetic Pro app. You attach the two smartphones to the object, and press start on both devices.  Since there is a delay between the smartphones, shake the object to create a synchronization signal in both phones. That will allow you to align the two graphs on your computer.

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