Sensor Kinetics® Pro App for iPhone

Sensor Kinetics® Pro App for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Sensor Kinetics® Pro is a more advanced version of the free Sensor Kinetics app that provides you with powerful tools to view and monitor all of the standard sensors available in your iPhone or iPad. Plus, you can apply filters to the data stream and save the sensor data to your phone and export it to your computer via e-mail. Sensor Kinetics Pro gives you a detailed, comprehensive look at the combined operations of all the sensors.

For iPhone/iPad
Available for iPhone and iPad

Like the free version, Sensor Kinetics Pro provides you with an advanced viewer and monitor for the standard sensors available in your phone or tablet and provides a comprehensive look at the combined operations of all the sensors.

"This all in one toolkit gives charts, graphs, and more to learn gravity, movement, vibrations, and magnetic fields around you. Try it just for fun, or use it to collect data for your next science experiment!"
- Owl Kids, Top Five Science and Tech Apps

Sensor Kinetics for iOS


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What Can You Do With Sensor Kinetics Pro?

Main screen

The main screen lists all of the sensors available on your iPhone/iPod, including the accelerometer and gyroscope.

Accelerometer filter

Exclusive to Pro version: Apply Low/Hi pass filtering to experiment with sensitivity. The screen displays the data in real time as it is captured on your device.

Gravity sensor

Sensor Kinetics Pro measures data from your iPhone/iPad's available sensors, including gravity, attitude and more.

Attitude sensor

The attitude (rotation) sensor meaures the pitch, roll and yaw (azimuth) angles of your phone relative to the normal horizon.


Exclusive to Pro version:
View chart data in a tabular format.


Exclusive to Pro version:
Save data files directly to your iPhone/iPad and e-mail to your computer in .csv and .plist formats. Then open the files in popular spreadsheet programs.

iPad Magnetometer

The magnetometer sensor (seen here on the iPad) is crucial for detecting the orientation of your device relative to the Earth's magnetic north.


The settings for Sensor Kinetics are customizable, including screen update rate, the time span of your plots, the scrolling delay plus data filters for all sensors in your iOS device.

Landscape Attitude Chart

Charts can be viewed in either portrait or landscape mode, including automatic scaling on the iPad. Exclusive to Pro version: Sensor Kinetics Pro includes advanced filtering that you can set with various parameters.

Quick Start

The main Sensor Kinetics Pro screen lists all your available sensors in a combined kinetic action that include data dials and visual presentation of the sensory functions. When tapping the title of each sensor view you activate the advanced charting capabilities, which include file charting, file saving and file sharing.

The Magnetic sensor view includes a magnetic compass, and the Rotation sensor illustrates device rotation with a rotating globe. The Gravity sensor shows the tilt of your device relative to Earth, and the Linear Acceleration sensor controls a virtual floating ball.

Each sensor view allows you to set the update rate, show the measured X,Y and Z readings and verify the actual measured update rate. The three Device-Motion Derived Sensors (gravity, linear acceleration and rotoation) share a common Set Rate although they may display different actual measured rate.

Activate the advanced Chart Viewer for available sensors on your device by tapping the title line with the chart icon. Select portrait or landscape orientation for the chart viewer only when the data is stopped and cleared. The chart viewer for the three dimensional sensors that detect rotation (accelerometer, gyroscope, and the rotation sensor) provide a Rotation data mode. During Rotation data mode, the app computes the actual roll, pitch and yaw angles as they accumulate while you rotate and move the device.

Tap the top right Menu button of the Chart Viewer to access Files & Sharing. You can save, open or e-mail your chart data (.csv or .plist) and open the file using a spreadsheet on your computer. You can also view each chart in a tabular format and set optional Low/High pass filters.

Remember that if your phone is not connected to the internet or network, Sensor Kinetics Pro will make the sound of sending e-mail but will wait until your phone is connected to the Internet.

The following video tutorial was created by one of the users of Sensor Kinetics Pro to illustrate how to share Sensor Kinetics Pro files with other data processing programs:

You can also change some of the operation parameters of the chart viewer by tapping the Help button and then the Settings tab, which includes the chart screen update rate, the time span of your plots, the scrolling delay and data filters for all sensors in your device. The chart viewer Settings page can also be accessed directly from the chart viewer (when it is held in the portrait position) by tapping the top right Menu button and then the Filters and Settings sub-menu.

The app is a tool designed to measure the activity of all the sensors on your phone or tablet in the most extreme conditions. The sensors are generally power hungry and consume a good amount of current from the battery, so we recommend that you run maximum speed tests with a charger close by. However, you do have control over current consumption during lengthy tests. Turn OFF all sensors that you are not charting and reduce the sensor update rate. For example, if you chart the gyroscope for an hour, you can reduce the sensor rate to NORMAL (which is the lowest) or even to UI (User Interface). This will reduce power consumption.

Explore Sensor Kinetics Pro Further

To explore Sensor Kinetics Pro, tap the Help icon in the top right of the main screen. For technical support questions, please e-mail, telephone 1-281-879-6226.

Library Credits
Sensor Kinetics employs the Core-Plot Cocoa plotting framework for iOS as well as the REND openGLES2 interface by Anton Holmberg.

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