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Sensor Kinetics for monitoring and measuring all of the standard sensors available on Android mobile devices

HOUSTON - July 16, 2012 - INNOVENTIONS, Inc. has released the Sensor Kinetics app, an advanced viewer and monitor for all of the standard electronic sensors found in Android-powered devices. Created by one of the pioneers in the use of accelerometers and gyroscopes within modern smartphones, the free Sensor Kinetics app provides a comprehensive look at the total dynamics of the combined operations of all the sensors.

“Have you ever wondered if your Android smartphone or tablet has a gyroscope sensor? Or are you curious to know how fast your phone’s accelerometer works? If so, Sensor Kinetics is the app for you,” said Dr. David Y. Feinstein, president of INNOVENTIONS and creator of Sensor Kinetics. “App developers, students, hobbyists... anyone who's curious about what lies "under the hood" of their mobile device will find this a useful app.”

Sensor Kinetics allows the user to test all of the sensors on their smartphone or tablet. For example, it quickly determines if the Android device has a gyroscope, how fast it's operating and how accurately it can measure the rotation angles. For students, it demonstrates the physics of gravity, acceleration, rotation, magnetism and more as these forces are measured by the phone. The detailed built-in help files list numerous experiments. For app developers, Sensor Kinetics provides detailed behavior of the sensors they use in their apps.

The main screen lists all of the Android device’s sensors in detail, providing manufacturer's data, measurement, rate, control, power consumption and other capabilities of the sensor. Users can change the delay setting or activate/deactivate specific sensors. Each sensor is attached to a sophisticated chart viewer that displays detailed dynamic charts for raw data and for calculated rotation angles.

The free Sensor Kinetics app is available now from Google Play.


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